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McIntire Privacy Policy

This policy was designed with you, the customer, in mind.

Within the course of our business process we may need to share information with others. As you would expect in the course of shipping an order we will need to share some of your information (your name, address, telephone and email) with The US Postal Service, UPS, FEDEX or with one of a number of other shipping carrier companies. We also need to share information with our Credit Card Merchant Processing Company, Banks and Credit Card Companies. We trust that these companies (our business partners) will not be any problem in regard to matters of security and privacy. If a business does do anything out of the norm or in any way objectionable, please report it to us as we would want to know about it.

We strive to pass only "need to know" information through our entire work flow. We are constantly reviewing and analyzing our processes to assure both security and privacy as we take these matters very seriously.

Through our website traffic we may accumulate a series of logs or statistics which are compilations of information about website browsers, IP addresses, search engines, etc. We may also use the logs to track the popularity of pages within the site. There is no personal information in our logs. We use the logs to determine new ways of making our website better for our customers.

Personal information may be collected when you send us email, fill out feedback forms, purchase items from our site, etc. We use this info ourselves and do not share it with anyone.

We spend many hours and dollars on assuring your privacy, security and your overall satisfaction. It is our prime concern. If you send us feedback about our products, employees, company or website and include a return address (home or email) you will always hear back from us, but only in an acceptable matter. We have no intensions of sending you spam at anytime.

This policy is provided to you for informational purposes only. Please be advised that the company may change this policy at any time.

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