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ADK Model 200

Outstanding Features:
Ultra Dry Air-Self Reactivating heatless drying system provides air at less than -40F dewpoint

Quiet Operation-Diaphragm type compressor keeps operating noise level down to 59 dBA at 3 feet.

Cooler Air Output-Even at maximum duty, output air is cool and oil free

Mounting-Easily mounts on floor or equipment rack.

Compact and Lightweight-Small compact size provides maximum air flow in its class. Lightweight enough to mount anywhere.

Alarm Circuits and Controls-System pressure gauge, output pressure gauge, high humidity, low pressure alarm. All included on front panel.

Compressor-Diaphragm type compressor for trouble free, long term operation.

Low Maintenance-Compressor and Heatless dryer designed for long life. Only periodic filter change is required.

Versatile-Supports telephone cables, CATV coax, fiber optic, wave guide, radar and antenna systems.

Optional Shelf-Available for equipment rack mounting.

Accessibility-All components accessible from front. Hinged front door provides full access.

Specifications For ADK Model 200 Air Dryer
Normal Capacity 200 SCFD (5.7 M2/D)
Emergency Capacity 300 SCFD (8.5 M2/D)
Power Requirement 115 Volts, Single Phase 60 Hz, 4.5 Amps
Dimensions 15" W X 8" D X 17" H
Weight 53 lbs
Delivered Air Humidity Under 1% at 70F
Alarms High Humidity
Low Output Pressure
Power Failure
Delivered Air Pressure Adjustable 0-15 PSIG
Operating Temperatures 33F to 120F
Dryer Rated 70F at 29.92 Inches of Mercury
Ordering Information ADK Model 200, PN 70555

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