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McIntire CAD & PAD 5000

NEBS Approved

The CAD and PAD 5000 are engineered to be the most reliable 5000 SCFD air dryer available. The CAD-5000 is ideal for use in ESS offices, repeater stations and intermediate-sized central offices. The PAD-5000 can be pole or pad mounted.

PAD 5000 Outstanding Features:
Integral compressor alternator greatly extends compressor life, reduces energy consumption and assures pressure capability under emergency conditions.

Ultra low sound levels make the CAD and PAD-5000 the quietest system of its kind.

Automatic restart permits dryer to restart unattended after resumption of utility power following service interruption with assurance of complete alarm protection

Humidity by-pass system provides automatically diverts wet air away from cables until humidity alarm is cleared

Stainless Steel construction of all corrosion prone components

CAD 5000 Side Open CAD 5000 Front Open Minimal routine maintenance means less human attention is required

Simplified electrical/control compartment includes plug-in electrical components housed in an integrated instrument panel featuring hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker

Thermostatically-controlled, high capacity cooling fans eliminates overheating of the compressors and electrical components

Output Capacity flowmeter allows instant reading of dryer load

Accessibility to all parts is provided by removable panels on the CAD-5000 and Full 180 access doors on the PAD-5000

Model: CAD-5000
Application: Central Office, ESS Office, Repeater Stations Polemount/Outdoor/Indoor
Capacity: 5000 SCFD
Operating Temp. Range: 35F to 125F -40F to 125F
Alarms: High Humidity
Low Pressure
Compressor Overload
Power Failure
Weight: 310 lbs 315 lbs.
Delivered Air Pressure: 0-15 PSIG
Delivered Air RH: Less than 2% RH
Dimensions: 42"H x 26" W x 20" D 45"H x 30"W x 26"D
Power Requirements: 208/230 V, 60 Hz, 20A, 1 phase

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