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ADK Model 6000

NEBS Approved

Outstanding Features:
Medium Capacity Air Dryer-High performance air has a normal capacity of 6000 SCFD and a maximum capacity of 8400 SCFD. Delivered air is below -40 F dew point. Normal capacity can be delivered from the air dryer at an ambient temperature of 120 F.

Quiet Operation-Only 64 dBA at 3 feet. Air compressors with ventilating fans are mounted in a separate acoustically insulated enclosure within the main cabinet.

Teflon Ring Compressors- Oilless compressor for long life and dependable operation. Sealed ball bearing and Teflon rings for low friction and high reliability.

Accessibility-All components accessible from top and front. Air Compressors mounted on slide out trays and heatless air dryers are easily removable which simplifies service and maintenance.

High Performance Ventilating System-Large individual ventilating fan for each air compressor directs air flow to critical high temperature areas on the air compressors. The extra cooling results in longer air compressor operating life.

Built in Back Up Air Dryer- Two complete air dryers in one cabinet. Each air dryer has separate air compressor, heatless air dryer, air storage tank and alarm system. Each system is capable of delivering 3000 SCFD normal and 4200 SCFD maximum capacity independently.

Full Alarm Protection-Each air dryer is equipped with a separate high humidity and hi/low pressure alarm and humidity by-pass. The air dryer is also equipped with alarm lights along with single or separate alarm circuits that can provide open-on-alarm or close-on-alarm signals.

ADK Model 6000 Specifications
Normal Capacity 3000/6000 SCFD (85/170 M2/D)
Emergency Capacity 4200/8400 SCFD (119/238 M2/D)
Power Requirements 208/230 VAC, Single Phase, 60 Hz, 20 Amps
Alternate Power 220 VAC, Single Phase, 50 Hz, 15 Amps
Dimensions 30" W x 24" D x 49" H
Weight 435 lbs ; 577 lbs shipping weight
Delivered Air Humidity Under 1% at 70 F
Alarms #1 System High Humidity
#2 System High Humidity
Adjustable High and Low Output Pressure
Excess Compressor Run Time
Low Output
Delivered Air Pressure Low Pressure Outlet-Adjustable 0-15 PSIG
High Pressure Outlet-20 PSIG Max.
Operating Temperatures 33 F to 120 F
Dryer Rated 70 F at 29.92 inches of Mercury
Ordering Information ADK Model 6000, PN 70595

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