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McIntire PAD/HDS Twin Series

NEBS Approved

McIntire 2500 Portable

Engineered to Provide exceptional reliability, outstanding performance and extremely quite operation while requiring an absolute minimum of maintenance.

HDS-2500 Open Outstanding Features:
Simplified air drying circuit assures high reliability and is completely maintenance free.

Design Standardization and commonality of components simplifies maintenance and servicing.

Soundproofing greatly reduces operating sound levels

Simplified electrical compartment features simple plug-in components

Unique patented air flow director is significantly more efficient than other methods yet has no moving parts.

Non-Corrosive stainless steel desiccant towers assure long life, guaranteed for lifetime of the dryer.

Output Capacity flowmeter allows instantaneous reading of dryer load

2500P Automatic Restart permits dryer to restart unattended after resumption of utility power following service interruption with assurance of complete alarm protection.

Humidity by-pass system automatically diverts wet air from cables until humidity alarm is cleared.

Flow limiter prevents overloading and assures complete system protection.

Energy Efficient design guarantees low operating costs; 20% less power than competitive units.

Compressor Overload Alarm constantly monitors compressor operation

Large capacity cooling fan prevents system from overheating.

180 Accessibility to all parts allows easy servicing.

2500 Portable offers unparalleled backup support for emergencies as well as routine maintenance. Comes equipped with 25 feet of air hose and air chuck to quickly connect to air system.

Model: PAD-2500
Application: Pole Mounting/Indoor Central Office Portable/Backup
Capacity: 2500 SCFD
Operating Temp. Range: -40F to 125F 35F to 125F
Alarms: Humidity
Low Pressure
Compressor Overload
Power Failure
Weight: 135 lbs. 127 lbs. 145 lbs.
Delivered Air Pressure: 0-15 PSIG
Delivered Air RH: Less than 2% RH
Delivered Air RH: Less than 2% RH
Dimensions: 15" D x 16" W x 37" H
Power Requirements: 115VAC, 60Hz, 20A, Single Phase

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