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McIntire Manifolds

Stainless Steel Construction

McIntire Manifolds provide optimum air distribution with minimal pressure loss

Eliminates miscellaneous piping, fittings and valves

For accurately balanced loads and changeover during emergency shutdown of one unit

Each manifold is equipped with a 0 to 30 PSIG pressure gauge and "F" test valve

The multiple dryer manifolds are equipped with full flow, quarter turn ball shut off valves to isolate parts of the system for construction or maintenance.

Multiple dryer manifolds are normally equipped to accommodate two dryers, but an extra port is available to allow the addition of a third if necessary

The meter panel manifolds accommodate 8, 10, 20 or 32 panels

Dual Dryer Manifolds

Air Dryer Capacity (SCFD) Stainless Steel Manifold PN Port Size
50 to 5,000
(Per Dryer)
50 to 10,000
(Per Dryer)
10,000 to 30,000
(Per Dryer)

Multiple Meter Panel Manifolds

Manifold Port Size Number of Ports
" FPT Inlet, " FPT Outlet 8
70087 " FPT Inlet, " FPT Outlet 16
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