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ADK Model 4200 PM

NEBS Approved

Outstanding Features:
Outdoor or Indoor Installation-Dryer can be mounted on wall, floor, pad or pole mounted.

Quiet Operation-Sound proof cabinet is thermostatically controlled and insulated for all weather operation

Aluminum Cabinet-Fully Welded cabinet is corrosion resistant for long life and minimum maintenance

Cool Operation-Large cooling fan under top lid provides full flow air for cooling of all internal components

Accessibility-All components accessible from front including slide out compressor air compressor tray, slide out heatless air dryer, swing out and removable service door and removable chassis.

Ultra Dry Air-Self reactivating heatless drying system provides less than minus 40 F dew point air.

Designed For Long Service Life-Large capacity ASME coded air tank for optimum compressor cycle time, 30 Amp compressor power contactor, double size pre-cooler, two stage pressure regulation, Oilless air compressor.

Full Alarm Protection-High Humidity, low pressure, alarms. All air passes through humidity sensing tube.

Specifications for Model 4200 PM
Normal Capacity 3000 SCFD (85 M2/D)
Maximum Capacity 4200 SCFD (119 M2/D)
Power Requirements 115 VAC, Single Phase, 60 Hz, 20 Amps
Alternate Power 110 VAC, Single Phase, 50 Hz, 18 Amps
220 VAC, Single Phase, 50 Hz, 9 Amps
Dimensions 17 " W x 20 " D 50" H
Weight 200 lbs ; Shipping Weight 230 lbs
Delivered Air Humidity Under 1% at 70 F
Alarms High Humidity
Adjustable Low Pressure
Delivered Air Pressure Adjustable 0-15 PSIG
Operating Temperatures -60 F to 125 F
Dryer Rated 70 F at 29.92 Inches of Mercury
Order Information ADK Model 4200 PM, PN 70591

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