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McIntire Alternator/Transfer Kits for Air Dryer Systems

The McIntire Alternator/Transfer Kit, Model 99250 ensures complete cable plant protection by providing fully automatic maintenance of pressurization requirements in the event of air dryer malfunction or unusual increases in air demand. It also allows plant growth to be easily accommodated.

The McIntire Alternator/Transfer kit is self contained and when used in the alternate mode is fully automatic and is designed to cycle on a twenty-four hour basis, in dual McIntire air dryer installations. When used in the Transfer Mode, individual dryers are cycled manually at any convenient time by depressing a switch. In both modes fully backup capability is maintained in the event of dryer malfunction or unusual increase in air demand.

This kit is for use in installations where the required air demand is less than the capacity of one dryer. The kit comes pre-assembled - all that is required is mounting, electrical plug in, dryer checkout and alarm setting.

Some features and benefits offered by McIntire Alternator/Transfer Kits are: extended dryer life, reduced energy consumption, extended routine maintenance intervals, minimized spare parts requirements, simple wall or rack mounting and quick connect electrical plug-in installation.

McIntire STS - 4 Dryer Alternator
The McIntire Smart Transfer System (STS) is the industry's answer to a technologically advanced alternating system. It features advanced Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology, pre-programmed to react to drops in pressure caused by fluctuations in demand. It automatically resets once the pressure drop has cleared, eliminating the need for expensive laptops and middle of the night dial ins and call outs. The STS also extends dryer life and reduces energy consumption and allows for any combination of models (i.e. 12000 and 17000, etc.) As with all McIntire equipment, we've gone to great lengths to make the STS as simple and reliable as possible.


Simple Reliable Design

Extends dryer life

Reduces power consumption

Complete Programming in less than 3 minutes!

Controls up to 4 Air Dryers

Monitors output pressure and reacts to pressure drops to provide complete plant protection

"Fail Secure" feature ensures dryers will run in the event of a power outage to the unit

Power Requirements 115 VAC, 60 Hz
System Capabilities Up To 4 McIntire Dryers Cycled 24, 48 or 168 Hours (1 week). Can accommodate 4 dryers running simultaneously.
Alarm Outputs Low Pressure AlarmSetup Error Alarm
Size 20" H X 16" W X 6" D
Models Models 8000 SCFD Capacity or higher and after 1978 manufacture

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